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The classroom is not the only place our students are encouraged to explore and discover. The entire Pacific Academy curriculum is positively impacted by a focus on creativity, cross-disciplinary studies, new course offerings, and additional school events. Faculty and students collaborate on new initiatives, electives, and innovative ways of connecting across the curriculum.

Middle School Curriculum

The middle school curriculum sets a foundation for success in high school. Seventh graders study English, World History, Math (Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry), Life Science, Physical Education and an elective (Foreign Language, Music, Art, Speech & Debate, Journalism, etc.).

Eighth grade students take English, U.S. History, Math (Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II), Physical Science, Physical Education and an elective.

High School Graduation Requirements


Students must complete a total of 205 units in order to graduate.  While this is the minimum to graduate, we advocate that all students meet University of California requirements.  


The graduation requirements are:

Four years of English

Three years of Social Studies

Three years of Math

Two year of Science

One year of Visual and Performing Arts

One year of Foreign Language

Two years of Physical Education and a semester of Health

Four years of Electives

60 hours of Community Service

UC a-g Course List


Our courses are approved by the University of California. This includes Advanced Placement and Honors courses.  The UC Doorways website lists our approved courses: Pacific Academy Irvine UC Approved Courses.

English Language Development Program


We value the multilingual population of our students.  As such, we provide a supportive and robust curriculum that prepares our English language learners to smoothly transition into the rigor of mainstream high school courses. Our curriculum has three levels of English Language Development, two levels of Sheltered English, and Sheltered Social Studies and Science courses as well. We take pride in the fact that many of our EL students are accepted by top colleges, such as UC Irvine, UC San Diego, Purdue, Boston University, University of Toronto, and many more.

Small Class Size


Class sizes average about ten students each. Indeed, you can find classes with even fewer. Small classes ensure that teachers become familiar with how each student learns, which helps the instructors both focus on each student’s passions and talents, and pinpoint areas that need support. Our small class sizes also allow for greater communication between students and teachers, foster a real student-centered approach to learning, and enable students to be engaged in each and every class.

Talented Student Program
- A Flexible and Supportive Curriculum

High-performing athletes, musicians, dancers and actors have demanding schedules. As a small school we are attentive to the interests and needs of our students. We provide a rigorous academic curriculum, but are able to support students or accelerate their curriculum as appropriate. In particular, outstanding athletes and artists benefit from a curriculum tailored to support their busy lives. We provide individualized attention to help them pursue their dreams and still receive a top-notch education.

Here is what some of our talented students have to say about their experience at Pacific Academy. 

Project Based Learning

Project based learning is an inquiry-based and dynamic approach to instruction in which students analyze real-world issues or tackle an essential question. Each class has at least one project per semester in which students collaborate, explore, make choices, think critically and create a product for a real audience. A primary goal of the program is to inspire students to obtain deeper knowledge about the subjects they are studying.

Cultivating Character

Our students develop as young people with integrity, concern for others, kindness and respect. This happens through high standards and expectations of our students; participation and leadership in clubs and sports; presentations at school meetings; recognition of outstanding and exemplary students each month; community service projects; an advisement program that allows teachers to really get to know and guide students; a robust and challenging outdoor education experience; and, numerous and purposeful field trips.

Service Learning


A focus on local and global needs teaches students to intersect learning with community. Pacific Academy is committed to creating a culture that guides activities in the classroom and beyond. Our service learning is meant to teach caring about our community collectively as a school.

Online Learning

Online courses are available The vast majority of our curriculum is classroom based, but supplemental online courses may be taken to provide flexibility and to give students other curricular options.

College Courses

Students have the ability to enhance and supplement their learning by taking courses at local universities, including UC Irvine and Irvine Valley College. Students challenge themselves with high level academics, and experience the rigors of a college classroom.  

Extracurricular Activities


We have a wide array of clubs and sports that allows students to be engaged in the life of the school. There are many service-oriented clubs (Make-A-Wish, Best Buddies, Service Club), as well as those having to do with the arts, creativity, academics and other interests. Also, in October, all students participate in a robust Outdoor Education program. In addition, every month there is also at least one optional weekend activity, such as hiking, skating, doing community service, snorkeling, visiting a museum and more.

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