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Principal’s Message

Engaged. That is the adjective of choice that many of our students and teachers hear me chirp about during the course of the year, or even on any given day!  It refers to being thoughtfully immersed in one’s academics, involved in the life of the school, and making the most of life in general. Being engaged also means developing friendships, connecting with teachers, helping others, trying a new club or sport, leading an activity, visiting a museum, or enjoying the beach.

Keith Corpus

Connecting with those around us, developing our ideas, and sharing our talents are all part of being a small school. Intimate by design, our community allows us to get to know students quite well. We can challenge them appropriately, give support, and push students to become more engaged at Pacific Academy. With classes of about 10 or so students, teachers understand our students as true individuals. Indeed, it is wonderful to watch how teachers and staff support and encourage our students. That can mean close help with academics, but also the ability to talk about personal matters, get detailed advice and support on applying to and choosing a college, or joke around while playing badminton or ping pong.


We are able to foster and see true growth in our students. As parents and family members, you can all probably think back to what your children were like a few years ago and see the remarkable changes they have gone through. We are able to do that as well. We’ve seen students who become exceptionally proficient in a second language, students who take on leadership roles, or develop a fascination for physics or literature. I was truly heartened when an accreditation visitor noted that our school culture is one of “ongoing improvement [in which] all members of the community have embraced the process of continual growth and progress.”


In the classroom, our students thrive in a collaborative setting with an emphasis on mastery of academics, critical thinking, effective communication and project-based learning. Growth and self-discovery further unfold in a school setting that emphasizes character and community. Our students develop as young people with integrity, confidence and humor from our school meetings, community service projects, our many clubs and activities, our advisement program, outdoor education and purposeful field trips.


It is a privilege to be a part of the Pacific Academy family. We are fortunate to have amazing students, supportive parents and dedicated teachers and staff working together for the best of our school. We look forward to the opportunity to share our school and hope you will engage in the Pacific Academy difference.


Keith Corpus


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