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Carolyn Xie, Student, Class of 2015

Accepted by The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, Stanford University, and University of California Los Angeles

“Pacific Academy Encinitas has been and will continue to be a special place for me.

The support I have received from PAE enables me to be the student and athlete that I am today.”

Brandon Michaels, Student, Class of 2017

Accepted by Sacramento State University

“I came to Pacific Academy looking for a specialized private school that accommodated my unique

junior golf tournament schedule. I was able to develop as a golfer and as a student thanks to my

teachers working with me and giving me every chance to complete my assignments without ever

missing an athletic event. Pacific Academy Encinitas is perfect for any athlete looking to gain a

strong education while improving in their sport. ”

Jasmine Wang, Student, Class of 2014

Accepted by Unviersity of California Irvine.

“It’s been a great ride at Pacific Academy. I’ve met a bunch of great people here - friends who

make my life happier and teachers who enrich me with knowledge. Everything that has happened

to me, everything I have been through, has made me into who I am today. And it’s these life lessons

that I will take with me into the next step of my life. I will miss you ALL!”

Natalia Mejia, Class of 2015

"I felt like I already knew everybody at school; everybody was so nice and friendly. The school itself felt homey, and the teachers were more than willing to work with me. I've never been to a school that burns incense, and sitting in the van after surf PE is the best feeling."

Jonathan Pleil, Class of 2015

"My past five years at PAE were extremely influential. Coming to this school with friendly staff and peers, was one of the best decisions I made. All the teachers push you to be the best that you can be so you know that you will be prepared for the future."

Eric Chan, Class of 2010

"My four years at Pacific Academy have been the best years of my life and I have built relationships that will last a lifetime. I hope that the future students will take advantage of the tools and skills provided at this school."

Andreas P., Parent

“As the parents of a 5-year student at PA, and now a graduate, we have a great appreciation for

the value of what PA provides students. The focus on project based learning, the use of outside

the classroom experiences, and the multi-cultural student population all blend together to give

each student not only a solid academic foundation for college, but an understanding and

appreciation of their role in the greater community. Class sizes are extremely small, teachers provide

individualized learning, and each student’s learning style and needs are considered. Ongoing

feedback and the high level of involvement of parents in the process makes PA an ideal learning

environment. We would urge all parents to consider PA for their children. “

Roland I., Parent

"Pacific Academy has been terrific! The enthusiastic and supportive staff and faculty and small class sizes have created an environment where my son has excelled. The faculty are genuinely interested in the success of every student. They are available to provide advice and assistance during lunch, after school and other times convenient for the student. The staff and teachers see the potential in every student and work to fully develop it. Fully accredited and with personalized counseling, Pacific Academy graduates are prepared for college and life beyond high school."

Theresa I., Parent

"Pacific Academy is the best school for our son that we could ask for. The small class sizes and the faculty have been wonderful. His grades have gone up and his self esteem has soared. We are thrilled about the environment, the academics and the extra attention he receives. It is a fit for nontraditional and traditional kids alike. Just plain and simple...It's a great school where the teachers really do see the potential in each student."

Jennifer G., Parent

"Pacific Academy has been an awesome school and it begins with their school motto... "Opportunity To Be Me" The teachers have been amazing with communication and helping my son improve homework and grades. It's a small school so there is lots of individualized attention. They provide a compassionate environment in which to learn, grow, and excel. And everyone has the opportunity not to fit in a mold but truly be him or herself. I wish I had this school while growing up. A rare gem indeed!"

Kevin L., Parent

“Small class sizes and a learning environment customized for your child are the hallmarks of Pacific

Academy. The gifted teachers provide a rigorous college prep curriculum utilizing the strengths

of each individual student. As a junior in high school, my son is excelling both academically and

socially. He is well prepared for the entrance requirements at the college level. Pacific Academy

provides the academic rigor that I was searching for, but presents it in a way that my son learns

and understands the material. Their experiential learning techniques have been outstanding.

Pacific Academy is a fantastic school providing top notch education that is customized for each

individual student.”

Keanu Jacinto, Student

"This is my first year at Pacific Academy. I’m a freshman and I’m just getting started in high school. So far, I’ve learned more than my friends who go to a public school. If I find myself going down the wrong path, I know this school can definitely lend me a hand and steer me onto a successful path. The teachers are very helpful and kind; they don’t treat me like a number or an ordinary student and they care for me like Ohana (family). If I need anything, they are here for me. In a public school I was a number. At Pacific Academy, I’m a successful learner."

Brittany P, Student

“Before I came to this school, I had never experienced the true meaning of education.From past schools, I learned very little and never experienced the discipline this school has to keep students going. The teachers here don’t let you give up and this is something I needed because I was always used to giving up especially when it came to school! I have enjoyed my time here and have learned a lot” .

Peter Orsatti, Parent

“Teachers at Pacific Academy not only have excellent teaching skills but the communication skills with the kids and parents is terrific. They are always available to address any concerns and continually meet with us to review our children’s progress and review areas that we can work together on to ensure the students' success and growth.” 

Janet Whitaker, Parent

"As a parent of two sons who attend Pacific Academy, I cannot express enough appreciation for this school. The small class size reflects the personal interest the teacher’s have in the students’ success, and thanks to this dedication, my sons are both committed to high academic goals.” 

Arlene Gonzales, Parent

“I want to take a moment to say thank you for all of the time you spent with us. You should know we call you 'the Miracle School!' You seem to know how to organize and setup a wonderful and clear, but challenging, program for the students. It is such a relief to pick up Marcos from school and see him so happy and settled.  

He feels confident and at ease with you all and always has wonderful things to tell me. He is excited about school and at the same time isn’t having to face the roadblocks of unclear instruction and assignments. You seem to have found the secret to educating children and you should know what a wonderful job you are doing. I am so happy to have made the change. Thank you a million times over.” 

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