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No. 1 in the Rolex AJGA Rankings Rose Zhang - Pacific Academy Testimonial

No. 1 in the Rolex AJGA Rankings Rose Zhang - Pacific Academy Testimonial

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Pacific Academy Class of 2020 graduate, 5-Star Basketball Recruit, Makur Maker Testimonial

Pacific Academy Class of 2020 graduate, 5-Star Basketball Recruit, Makur Maker Testimonial

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5-Star Basketball Recruit Makur Maker Commits to Howard University

5-Star Basketball Recruit Makur Maker Commits to Howard University

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Umi Testimonial 2018

Umi Testimonial 2018

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Tennis coach Chris Lewis Testimonial

Tennis coach Chris Lewis Testimonial

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Testimonial of Chris Lewis

Tennis Coach of USA’s Top Young Tennis Players

Allison To, Student, Class of 2019

Accepted to Stanford, Cornell, USC, Northwestern, UCLA

Ever since transferring to Pacific Academy as a freshman, I have received an endless amount of help and support from all the PA teachers and staff. It was difficult for me to balance my academics and music before coming to PA; however, thanks to the flexibility and patience of the PA teachers, I was able to maintain strong academics while also pursuing my passion in music. Whenever I had to travel for concerts and competitions, my teachers and I communicated beforehand so that I could do my work while traveling and catch up with the class when I returned. Pacific Academy’s rigorous academic curriculum has challenged me to take several AP classes and strive for the best in both my academics and extracurricular, which helped me to get into many amazing colleges! Pacific Academy has really provided me with the necessary resources for me to succeed as a student and musician throughout my high school career and beyond. I am eternally grateful for the constant support and opportunities that Pacific Academy has given me!

Linda Lin, Student, Class of 2019

Accepted to Johns Hopkins, USC, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA

Thank you so much for all the opportunities that Pacific Academy has given me. It not only helped me to establish a solid academic foundation but also helped me to grow personally. From the flexibility of course selections to the support I have received when I created my own club, Pacific Academy really helped me to get into my dream school Johns Hopkins University. When I first arrived America, I would have never imagined to obtain the accomplishments that I have achieved today. Thank you again for preparing me as I enter the next stage of my life and for giving me a great high school memory that I can always refer back to

Umi Garrett, Student, Class of 2018

2018 Accepted by The Juilliard School, Columbia University, University of California Berkeley

“I have been playing piano since I was 4 and have been performing since I was 8 or 9. As high school approached, I looked into so many schools. Pacific Academy is the only school that truly cares about what I want to do. Pacific Academy’s amazing teachers and staff make sure that I have the flexibility to accommodate my piano schedule and the support to excel in an academically rigorous environment. It really is a dream come true to go to a high school that supports my piano career and challenges me academically.”

Alex Lee, Student, Class of 2017

Accepted by Stanford University, Boston University, University of California Berkeley, University of California Los Angeles, and University of Southern California

"Thank you, teachers and staff, for your support all throughout my four years at Pacific Academy!

I strongly feel that your encouragement, as well as the guidance from our teachers and counselors, has made my admission into Stanford possible! I’m really thankful for your help in getting into my

dream school."

Rose Zhang, Student, Class of 2021

2017 Girls Junior PGA Champion | Ranked No.1 among all 14-year-old girls golf players

"Personally, my experience with P.A is nothing short of excellent. Apart from having fantastic support in academics, faculty, and students, it was really challenged and broadened my knowledge in academics holistically. P.A. delivers more than sufficient resources across the board in order to ensure excellence in my academic and extracurricular fields. More importantly and more personally, Mr. Corpus, the school's principal, supported me greatly as he worked with my amateur golf career outside of school. In addition, he also taught me time management skills between golf practice and school so I wouldn't burn out from an unbalanced life. All in all, I would love to continue to stay at Pacific Academy where I'll continue to grow and learn about the world before I depart to change the world."

Carolyn Xie, Student, Class of 2015

Accepted by The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, Stanford University, and University of California Los Angeles

“Pacific Academy Encinitas has been and will continue to be a special place for me.

The support I have received from PAE enables me to be the student and athlete that I am today.”

Phoebe Pan, Student, Class of 2015

Accepted by Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, New England Conservatory, Peabody Conservatory, and Oberlin Conservatory

“Pacific Academy provided me with a strong academic foundation and a flexible schedule. Without

Pacific Academy, I would not have had the opportunity to practice the piano as rigorously as I

needed to, nor would I have won so many competitions, including the prestigious Spotlight Award!”

Ysabella Calderon, Student, Class of 2018

2018 Accepted by UCLA

“I have been in formal dance and ballet classes since I was 8 years old and currently, I dance for more than twenty hours a week which does not include additional hours for rehearsals and personal coaching for competitions. This rigorous schedule made it very difficult for me to manage school work. I went to two different high schools but never really received any support for my passion for dance. At first, I didn’t think it was possible to find a school which helps me balance dance with my academic interests through a flexible schedule. But after just a few weeks at Pacific Academy, everyone from the teachers, staff and students welcomed me with open arms. They showed an interest in what I love to do and recognized my passion and hard work like I’ve never seen at any other school. Pacific Academy is like a family to me and for this I will be forever grateful!”

Andreas P., Parent

“As the parents of a 5-year student at PA, and now a graduate, we have a great appreciation for

the value of what PA provides students. The focus on project based learning, the use of outside

the classroom experiences, and the multi-cultural student population all blend together to give

each student not only a solid academic foundation for college, but an understanding and

appreciation of their role in the greater community. Class sizes are extremely small, teachers provide

individualized learning, and each student’s learning style and needs are considered. Ongoing

feedback and the high level of involvement of parents in the process makes PA an ideal learning

environment. We would urge all parents to consider PA for their children. “

Stella Lin, Student, Class of 2016

Accepted by University of California Irvine, Concordia University, California State University Fresno,Washington State University, University of Cincinnati, University of Alabama, University of Massachusetts Boston, University of Minnesota, and Purdue University

“The college counseling program at PAE was very helpful for me as a senior. I was often stressed out

about the different colleges that I was applying to and the daunting application process would

have overwhelmed me without our college counseling program. Mrs. Bardin, our College Counselor,

played an important role in my success in being accepted to UC Irvine as she gave me ideas on

how to write my personal statement and helped me edit, again and again, until it was perfect.”

Brandon Michaels, Student, Class of 2017

Accepted by Sacramento State University

“I came to Pacific Academy looking for a specialized private school that accommodated my unique

junior golf tournament schedule. I was able to develop as a golfer and as a student thanks to my

teachers working with me and giving me every chance to complete my assignments without ever

missing an athletic event. Pacific Academy Encinitas is perfect for any athlete looking to gain a

strong education while improving in their sport. ”

Arlene G., Parent

“I want to take a moment to say thank you for all of the time you spent with us. You should know

we call you ‘the Miracle School!’ You seem to know how to organize and set up a wonderful and

clear but challenging program for the students. It is such a relief to pick up Marcos from school

and see him so happy and settled. He feels confident and at ease with you all and always has

wonderful things to tell me. He is excited about school and at the same time isn’t having to face

the roadblocks of unclear instruction and assignments. You seem to have found the secret to

educating children, and you should know what a wonderful job you are doing. I am so happy to

have made the change. Thank you a million times over.”

Pamela H., Parent

“I would recommend this school to any parent who has the word “excelllence” in mind. Pacific

Academy nurtures each student’s natural ability to excel. I knew that my son was not excelling in

the public school system simply because sometimes, not all students require the same amount

of attention. I felt my son needed a bit more guidance and help since he gets very distracted by

socials and sports. PA gave him the room to be able to explore what he was good at.

The small student population also allows teachers to pay close attention to their students

performance. I could see the change in my son’s behavior and performance. He now enjoys going

to school, he studies on his own, he feels more independent yet accountable for his work. I cannot

thank PA enough for allowing my son to explore a higher level of academic performance in a very

well balanced manner. They also have a lot of social and community activities on the weekends

which is great. As a parent, I could not be happier. I know my son is in good hands.”

Jasmine Wang, Student, Class of 2014

Accepted by Unviersity of California Irvine.

“It’s been a great ride at Pacific Academy. I’ve met a bunch of great people here - friends who

make my life happier and teachers who enrich me with knowledge. Everything that has happened

to me, everything I have been through, has made me into who I am today. And it’s these life lessons

that I will take with me into the next step of my life. I will miss you ALL!”

Macy Whitfield, Student, Class of 2013

Accepted by Loyola Marymount University, Claremont McKenna College, and several UCs

“There are many things I like about PA. Due to its small size, teachers and students have the

opportunity to get to know each other and express their ideas openly in class discussions. PA

provides a very safe environment and helps students succeed in aspects beyond just academics.

There is flexibility here that allows students the chance to discover their strengths and learn how to

apply them. PA is truly a unique school with a different approach to traditional teaching.”

Janet W., Parent

“As a parent of two sons who attend Pacific Academy, I cannot express enough appreciation for

this school. The small class size reflects the personal interest the teachers have in the students’

success, and thanks to this dedication, my sons are both committed to high academic goals.”

Ellie L., Parent

“The small student to teacher ratio at this school makes it an amazing option for anyone who wants

their child to have a more personal learning experience. The smaller size of the classes allow my

two sons that are enrolled here to receive much more attention than they would have if they had

gone to a public school. My sons also constantly talk about how caring all of the teachers are. All

of the teachers are more than willing to ensure that the students know the material and will devote

their own time to work with the students, one-on-one, on any topics that my sons need a little bit

more help on. Also, the monthly trips and activities that the school provides make my sons’ school

lives much more enjoyable.”