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Student Life

Student Life at Pacific Academy Encinitas


Student life on the Pacific Academy Encinitas campus is characterized by the laughter that is heard throughout the classrooms.


Students quickly learn how to be independent while working alongside their classmates. Throughout the school year, we travel as a school to conduct field studies, create group-bonding and build teamwork with camping trips and mountain excursions and give students an opportunity to explore the world during our spring break international trips. Our students learn that not only our school, but education in general, expands way beyond textbooks and campus walls.

Elementary School

Pacific Academy Encinitas K-5


At Pacific Academy Encinitas K-5, we strive to create an exciting, energetic environment in which students learn through hands-on activities.


Pacific Academy Encinitas K-5 teaches interdisciplinary lessons that integrate each subject. This provides exposure throughout different aspects of each subject and highlights the key concepts that the students are learning.


To insure the most complete curriculum, Pacific Academy Encinitas K-5 incorporates self-guided research, hands-on scientific exploration, Socratic seminars, and diversified mathematics. By including each subject matter into our projects and day-to-day lessons, an uprecedented and balanced education is delivered.


Pacific Academy Encinitas Elementary School features a 10:1 teacher to student ratio allowing for students to have the most positive, impactful learning experience. This ratio also helps us construct individualized instruction to provide support for each student's strengths and needs.

Middle School

Pacific Academy Encinitas Grades 6-8


Here at Pacific Academy Encinitas we offer our junior high students a unique opportunity to grow and flourish as young learners. Students cultivate their academic skills in a rigorous manner while still enjoying fun, silly, and carefree attitudes.


The Middle School at Pacific Academy Encinitas offers an exceptional opportunity to participate in meaningful and creative science projects, engage in passionate and socially important conversations in English and History class, and crunch numbers in Algebra-level math classes. Students also have the chance to expand upon their creative and artistic skills by joining an art or music theory class, where they can build their own ukuleles from scratch. Finally students can also join a number of physical education classes, like boxing, yoga, or surf P.E., all of which allow them to decompress and burn some calories!


Pacific Academy Encinitas is a safe, secure and enriching atmosphere that always challenges our students to grow as human beings. Whether utilizing quadratic functions in math, reading Of Mice and Men, connecting the journey of Lenny and George to social tragedy and the Great Depression, playing Let It Be on an ukulele they made with their own hands, surfing a wave at Moonlight Beach, or dissecting a frog in science class, middle schoolers at Pacific Academy Encinitas will no doubt have a unique developmental experience as both students and as citizens.

High School

Pacific Academy Encinitas High School


Hey. You. Yes, you. Sitting there wondering if you can find a home in Pacific Academy Encinitas' High School program. We want to welcome you to ask any and all questions and come visit our classrooms to not only see, but truly feel what we're about.


Attending high school at Pacific Academy Encinitas means your classrooms never have any more than 11 other students, so the teachers quickly know your personality, talents, passions and areas marked for growth. You'll begin to know all your peers on a deeper level as those smaller class sizes allow more time for discussion, group work and the sharing of school work.


Attending Pacific Academy Encinitas' high school means feeling safe, welcome, and appreciated. At PAE, you'll grow as a learner, individual and co-creator of your own life, and as a result you'll be better prepared to take your next steps to college and beyond.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should our family select Pacific Academy Encinitas?

A: Pacific Academy Encinitas provides an excellent, individualized education for its students always meeting the child where they are at. We do this so successfully by offering small classes, individualized learning options, project-based learning and interdisciplinary teaching. In addition to core college preparatory curriculum, Pacific Academy Encinitas emphasizes international, cross-cultural, technological education in order to prepare graduates for life in the 21st Century.


Q: What special opportunities do you offer students?

A: Pacific Academy Encinitas' students have the opportunity to discover and explore areas they are passionate about outside the classroom – the arts, technology, surfing, other ocean-related interests, service learning and more. Each student is encouraged to try new endeavors, cultivate his or her individuality, and discover where their personal interests and talents lie.


Q: Does Pacific Academy Encinitas offer college counseling?

A: Yes, each student at PAE is assigned a counselor upon entry into the school. Both PAE and PA (Headquartered in Irvine) Lead Administrative teams carefully review each student’s file and identifies the best possible counselor for each student given their interests, grade level and academic needs. Students will have the same counselor for the course of their study at Pacific Academy Encinitas.


Q: When are applications due?

A: PAE has a rolling admissions process.


Q: What are the age requirements for students?

A: Pacific Academy Encinitas accepts students ages 5 through 18, Grades K-12.


Q: When will students be notified of the admission decision?

A: We anticipate that the student will be notified of the committee's decision one week after submission of all required documents.


Q: Is your curriculum aligned with CA state standards?

A: Yes, Pacific Academy Encinitas' curriculum meets CA state educational requirements. We are WASC accredited and our courses are recognized and accepted by many universities, including the University of California.


Q: Does Pacific Academy Encinitas offer AP classes?

A: Pacific Academy Encinitas offers AP classes, which can help students increase their opportunities of gaining admissions into selective universities. We also offer a variety of online courses, giving students access to hundreds of subjects and learning opportunities.


Q: What is your teacher:student ratio?

A: PAE offers a personalized and respectful learning environment for all of our students, across all grade levels. Our faculty to student ratio is 1:10. Our students receive the attention they need to grow intellectually and as citizens of the 21st Century.


Q: Does Pacific Academy require school uniforms?

A: While the other campuses of PA require uniforms, in keeping with our low-key, Encinitas lifestyle, PAE does not.


Q: Is Pacific Academy Encinitas religiously affiliated?

A: No. Pacific Academy Encinitas is a non-sectarian, non-denominational school environment.

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