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Principal’s Message

As the principal of Pacific Academy Encinitas, I welcome you into the Pacific Academy family. Our school is multinational, representing students both locally and from across the globe. The vibrant culture of each student makes our school unique, and affords our students the opportunity to work daily within a global classroom. We empower students through education to discover who they are and they graduate as the best version of themselves. We meet students at their own skill level through individualized and holistic education. We pride ourselves on cultivating students’ individual talents and facilitating students making their own positive mark on the world.

In our global classrooms, each student’s voice is heard. Our small class sizes at Pacific Academy stand ahead of the rest. Through project-based, hands-on learning, our students not only master the material, but apply their knowledge beyond the classroom walls and into the community. Our rigorous, cross-curricular courses empower students to connect what they have learned in each class. The classroom experience is individualized for each student, challenging international and local students alike to reach a high academic level of rigor. From this rigor and global education, our students have a 100% acceptance rate into college. At Pacific Academy, we value the well-being of students; as such, we do not have a high-stress environment, but rather create a more relaxed atmosphere in which students receive support such that they can achieve a high academic level of rigor, but without the intense anxiety that typically comes with such a high goal.


In addition to our college preparatory classes, Pacific Academy encourages self-discovery through community service and character education. By immersing themselves into the community and contributing – whether via a food drive or assisting at an animal shelter or restoring the environment at a local nature reserve – students become active citizens, stewards, and leaders invested in and capable of improving the world. In addition, students serve the international community through yearly global trips, such as partnering with a local charity in Bocas del Toro, Panama to improve education for local Panamanian school children. These international trips foster further global sensitivity and leadership.


It is an honor to be a part of the vibrant Pacific Academy family. From supportive parents, dedicated teachers, respectful students, and inspired professionals, we all work to make Pacific Academy a place students and alumni alike can be proud to call home. We look forward to sharing the Pacific Academy experience with you.


Mario Gonzales 

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