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College Counseling Center

At Pacific Academy, we measure the success of our counseling program not only by the number of acceptances to national colleges and universities, but also by the apporpriateness of each match.


Above all else, we believe that the college search should be student-centered, supportive, and fun.


The college counseling program embedded in advisement at Pacific Academy is an extension of our educational philosophy: emphasizing independent thinking, introsepction, and informed decision-making. This program provides an opportunity for students to identify their values and priorities.


Our experienced counselors have guided thousands of students to successful admission into colleges and universities. One of our counselors has helped over 1,600 students navigate the college admissions maze and critiqued over 3,000 personal statements. he has helped students with college admissions as well asl with finding their diretion via career planning.

Meet Our Counselors:

Director of Counseling Services
Mr. Chris Bonneau


  • B.S., Communication, Boston University

  • More than 10 years of counseling experience

ruby mar.JPG

College Guidance Counselor
Ms. Ruby Mar

  • M.A., Education, School Counseling, Point Loma Nazarene University
    B.A., Psychology, University of Guam

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