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Discovering America

This course will develop student’s awareness of the various aspects of American life. The course has three primary objectives:


  • To familiarize students with the various essential resources in their local area; this includes grocery stores, shopping centers, health care facilities                                                                   

  • To gain deeper insight into the cultural aspects of American education, and history; by learning about and attending local cultural and historical sites                                                    

  • To develop a greater sense of being a well-rounded, healthy model citizen; this will be addressed by fostering a sense of self-awareness in making healthy life choices as well as fostering a sense of self in the community through Project Based Learning (PBL) Discover America has four primary components: teacher led lectures and discussions, field trips, research, and student presentations. Each week, students will examine a new topic, under the guidance of their instructor (American Life Coach)                                                                                                                                           

After a preliminary lecture and research on the topic and objectives for the given week, students will then go on a field trip that is specific to the particular topic. Then, students will be given time to go over their findings, conduct additional research and prepare multi-media presentations. The week will conclude with student presentations and in-class discussions to assess what the students learned over the week.

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