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K-6 Chinese Immersion

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is your program different than others?

Our philosophy is simple: provide a supportive environment where students learn three languages effectively, and feel confident using them. We also provide lots of opportunities for students to practice what they have learned in the classroom.

One criticism of immersion schools is that students experience some delay in Language Arts. At Pacific Academy, we don’t sacrifice academic excellence to learning a language. We believe students can excel in both. We include English writing and math workshops to provide in-depth practice for students who are eager to learn more. The curriculum also includes library and computer classes for every little curious mind.

Besides Chinese and English, do you teach Spanish?

Yes, Spanish classes are now included in our daily schedule. Mandarin Chinese is still the main focus, as it takes 55% of the instructional time.

What is project based learning?

Project based learning is an inquiry-based and dynamic approach to instruction in which students analyze real-world issues or tackle an essential question. Each class has at least one project per semester in which students collaborate, explore, make choices, think critically and create a product for a real audience. A primary goal of the program is to inspire students to obtain deeper knowledge about the subjects they are studying.

Do you provide lunch?

Students should bring their own lunch, but there is also an emergency lunch program option. Please ask the office for details.

What is your teacher to student ratio?

We have the capacity to go up to 1:14.

What is your enrollment procedure?

a. Arrange a campus tour and meeting with Ms. Teresa, if you have not done so.

b. Submit the application form and $250 application fee.

c. Schedule an appointment for language assessment.

d. Enroll after acceptance.

I want to enroll my child for 2024-25. Should I apply now to lock in my spot?

Yes, please follow the above procedure. Students on the application pool will be contacted for interviews in January.

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