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Frequently Asked Questions

Q2: What special opportunities do you offer students?


A: Pacific Academy students have the opportunity to discover and explore areas they are passionate about outside the classroom – the arts, technology, surfing, other ocean-related interests, service learning and more.  Each student is encouraged to try new endeavors, cultivate his or her individuality, and discover where their talents lie.

Q1: Why should our family select Pacific Academy?

A: Pacific Academy strives to provide an excellent education for its students and will attempt to accommodate the particular needs of each individual.  We do so by offering small classes, individualized learning options, project-based learning and interdisciplinary teaching.  In addition to core college preparatory curriculum, Pacific Academy emphasizes international, cross-cultural, technological education in order to prepare graduates for life in the 21st Century.

Q3: Does the school have college counseling?

A: Yes, each student at PA is assigned a counselor upon entry into the school. The Lead Administrative team carefully reviews each student’s file and finds the best possible counselor for each student given their interests, grade level and academic needs. Students will have the same counselor for the course of their career at Pacific Academy.


Q4: When are applications due?

A: We have a rolling admissions process.


Q5: What are the age requirements for students?

A: Pacific Academy accepts students ages 13 through 18, grades 7 through 12.


Q6: When will students be notified of the admission decision?

A: We anticipate that the student will be notified of the committee's decision 8 working days after submission of all required documents.


Q7: Is your curriculum aligned with CA standards?

A: Yes, our curriculum meets CA state educational requirements. We are WASC accredited and our courses are recognized and accepted by many universities, including the University of California.


Q8: Does your school offer AP classes?

A: Pacific Academy offers AP classes, which can help students increase their opportunities of gaining admissions into selective universities. We also offer a variety of online courses, giving students access to hundreds of subjects and learning opportunities.


Q9: What is your teacher:student ratio?

A: We offer a very personalized and respectful learning environment for students. Our faculty to student ratio is 1:12. Our students receive the personalized attention they need to grow intellectually and as citizens of the 21st Century.


Q10: Does Pacific Academy require school uniforms?

A: Yes, there is school uniform.

Q11: Is Pacific Academy religiously affiliated?

A: Pacific Academy is a non-sectarian school.

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