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Domestic Admissions Overview

Please Pay Here

once you submit the application form


Please schedule a campus visit to meet Pacific Academy’s faculty and staff to learn more about our innovative curriculum by calling the Encinitas Campus at 760-634-1188, the Irvine Campus at 949-398-5288, or emailing

Step 2: APPLY

Please submit the following:

1.  Pacific Academy Student Application Form, which can be downloaded from our website, under the Domestic Admissions tab.

2.  $250 non-refundable Application Fee.

3.  At minimum two (2) years of current, official academic transcripts.

     • A current, official transcript in English must be an original copy (not a xeroxed


     • Official school seal, stamp (s) and/or signature must be on the transcripts.

     • Transcripts are required for high school years.

     • Transcripts for duplicate courses/school years are also required.

     • If admitted, all final official transcripts must be submitted from previous schools

       for grades 9-12.

4.  Two (2) teacher recommendations. These may be letters of recommendations or the names and email addresses of at least two teachers.

5.  Student portfolio of sample work. The portfolio should include 3-4 items that represent his or her ability, academic background and skills. Sample work may include essays, projects, exams, art work, videos, presentations, etc.


Pacific Academy will schedule an interview between the student and our Admissions Committee. This interview will provide us with the opportunity to learn about the student and his/her academic, social and civic goals. In turn, the student will have the opportunity to learn about our school, programs and student life.         


The student application will be reviewed by the Pacific Academy Admissions Committee. The student will be informed of the committee’s decision within 5-8 days after the submission of all required documents.


Please submit the following:

1.  Enrollment deposit is due 10 days after acceptance or the first day of school, whichever occurs first. Credit will be applied to annual tuition. Payment of tuition and program fee must follow your selected tuition payment plan.​


2.  Please submit the following documents by the date specified on the Acceptance Letter:

  • Enrollment Contract

  • Student’s Immunization (Health) Record

  • Proof of Tdap Vaccination Booster & TB test.

  • Proof of the student’s liability and health insurance


  • Medical and Emergency Contact Information document

  • Student Vehicle Consent Form (Irvine Campus)/Unsupervised Activity Form (Encinitas Campus)

  • Parent Permission Form (Irvine Campus)/Off-Campus Activity Form (Encinitas Campus)

  • Photo/Media Release Form

  • Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Policy (Encinitas Campus)

  • Statement of Integrity (Encinitas Campus)

  • Early Withdrawal Agreement (Encinitas Campus)

  • Student Record Release Form   

  • Outreach Concern Counseling Form

3.  Report to Pacific Academy on the date specified on your Acceptance Letter.


4.  Students may need to take the mathematics placement exam.                                       

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