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Domestic Admissions Overview


Please schedule a campus visit to meet Pacific Academy’s faculty and staff to learn more about our innovative curriculum by calling the Encinitas Campus at 760-634-1188, the Irvine Campus at 949-398-5288, or emailing

Step 2: APPLY

Please submit the following by January 15th:

1.  Pacific Academy Student Application Form, which can be downloaded from our website,, under the Domestic Admissions tab. Or get it from the admissions office.

2.  $250 non-refundable Application Fee. Please contact the accounting office for the payment method (

3.  Current, official academic transcripts in English of at least two (2) years.

  • All Students are required to submit current, official academic transcripts in English of at least two (2) years.

  • A current, official transcript (not a copy) in English with the official school seal, stamp and/or signature.

  • Transcripts are needed for all high school years.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The final, official transcript(s) must match and be consistent with those submitted in the application process. It is important that the information on transcripts NOT change. Pacific Academy will NOT accept transcripts that are different from or inconsistent with those submitted in the application process.

  • Any admitted matriculating student is also required to provide final high school transcript(s), which should match the original transcript, except for new grades or will not be considered. These final, official transcripts are what are used for the students’ final Pacific Academy transcript.

  • Parents/Guardian – please sign the “Records Request Form”.

4.  Residency proof - Government-issued ID (such as birth certificate, passport, green card, H2/L2/F2 visa, etc.)

5.  Two academic teacher recommendations. These may be letters of recommendations or the names and email addresses of at least two teachers.

6. Portfolio - Please submit a student portfolio, including at least 3 of the following:

  • Samples of the student’s academic work 

  • Writing samples in English

  • Certificates or awards earned

  • Artistic work (drawings, poems, photos)

  • Or any other work the student would like to share with the admissions committee. 

*The portfolio can be submitted with the application. 

7. iTEP SLATE Plus Test Score (international Test of English Proficiency, Secondary Language Assessment Test of English) - Minimum score: 2.0. 

  • Schedule a virtual test from

  • Please choose SLATE-PLUS TEST - For Middle/High School International Admissions: SLATE Plus exam which covers Grammar, Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking.

  • The cost is $129. When you register, use your English name (if you have one) AND your legal first name and family/last name (as shown on passport)

  • Make sure you have an ID card photo, passport, or driver’s license ready for registration. Please select “Pacific Academy, Irvine” during the registration process. Your scores will automatically be sent to Pacific Academy, Irvine. You will also receive a copy of your scores.

  • Electronic devices are not permitted at the test center or during the test.


Pacific Academy will schedule a 45- 60 min interview between the student and our Admissions Committee – onsite or via Zoom. This interview will provide us with the opportunity to learn about the student and his/her academic, social and civic goals. In turn, the student will have the opportunity to learn about our school, programs and student life.


The student application will be reviewed by the Pacific Academy Admissions Committee. The student will be informed of the committee’s decision within two weeks after interview.


Upon acceptance, the enrollment deposit fee and deposit become due within 10 days.


  • Payment of the remaining tuition and other fees is due on July 15th or based on the deadline shown on the invoice. Payment of tuition and other fees must follow your selected tuition payment plan. (The enrollment deposit will be applied toward the tuition.)

  • Please submit the documents in the acceptance package by the date specified on the Acceptance Letter.

  • Report to Pacific Academy on the date specified on your Acceptance Letter. 

  • Students must take the following placement exams: English language assessment exam and Mathematics placement exam.  

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