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After School Program

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Pacific Academy continues its commitment to providing an after school program that is not only engaging, but will help to enhance your child’s education by expanding their knowledge in a variety of fascinating subjects. 

Our After School Program begins promptly at 3:45 pm &  finishes at 5:45 pm (Mon., Tue., Thur., and Fri.) Wednesday’s program will begin at 12:35 pm (PA’s half day) and finishes at 5:45 pm. These extended educational opportunities are available Monday through Friday and are combined with additional homework support opportunities. 

A Wholistic Approach
  • Classes are taught and supervised by PACM teachers and administrators

  • Continuation and connection of the PA philosophy and daily learning

  • Homework support strengthens students’ understanding

  • Connection to the school curriculum with more hands-on opportunities

  • A library with a good collection of English and Chinese books

At different times throughout the school year, you will find unique connections between our after-school curriculum and students’ campus life. All the programs will have a chance to showcase themselves and contribute to their learning goals.

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Sports and Running Club


Fitness, healthy learning style, and teamwork are promoted throughout the school year, especially on Mondays! The lessons include obstacle courses, dodgeball, table tennis, badminton, and running/training for competitions.

Hands-On Opportunities

DIY & Gardening Club - Students in this club will take care of a garden as they grow plants, do experiments, and learn about irrigation, the four seasons and more.

Jr. Chef - Students will learn the concept of farm-to-table and the science of how food is made. The lessons are based on the four seasons and different holiday themes.

Magic Club - Explore a captivating experience for young minds to master tricks and presentation skills! Each week, children learn and showcase their abilities, boosting their confidence and communication skills. MAGIC also promotes perspective-taking, interpersonal skills, and knowledge about various illusions, fostering imaginative capabilities. Join us for a magical journey that seamlessly blends skill development with entertainment!

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Creative Art - Students will learn to express their ideas, thoughts, and emotions through creative drawing and painting. They will focus on different themes and techniques every four weeks.  


Lego® Engineering - In this interactive curriculum, students engage in various sessions using different LEGO® kits. They gain valuable insights into fundamental engineering and architectural concepts, developing a hands-on understanding through the program.

Robotics & Coding - Students will learn age appropriate coding concepts in a fun and creative way. The lessons focus on developing logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Music Club and Lessons with Dexter Music

Band Club - This will be a fun and supportive space for kids to explore music and learn to play instruments. An experienced coach will guide students in playing together, and building teamwork skills. 


*Private Lessons (additional charge) - Music private lessons including piano, voice, vocal, ukulele, and guitar are offered through Dexter Music. School and Dexter will coordinate on schedule. Students will have their music private lesson during homework support time.


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Homework Support - Guided by PACM teachers, students work on their daily homework and study and learn the study skill to be responsible and independent. Students also read books from our library and play creatively and collaboratively with others. 


Chess - The Chess lessons teach students how chess pieces move, the concept of checkmate, and various chess strategies. Lessons are customized to suit each student's skill level. At the end of the class, students participate in a chess tournament to win trophies and prizes.

Journalism - Discover the power of words in the Journalism Club! Students develop essential writing skills through interviews and reporting on school events. Their stories come alive on our website, newsletter, and social media, showcasing their unique perspectives. Join us in fostering a love for storytelling and communication!

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Please contact school office for after-school program enrollment. 

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