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PA Parent's Testimonial
PA Parent's Testimonial

Each teacher shows a passion and attention to detail for teaching my son. The administration and staff assure that my son has the best learning experience. The level of communication among the faculty, staff and administration are top notch.


~Kent H. (Parent)

I love how much attention the teachers and staff give to each student at PA. It creates a friendly and inviting environment where my daughter looks forward to going to school everyday. The teachers are not only teaching the kids reading, writing, math, and history but to also have confidence, desire knowledge, and to always be curious.  


We're in the Chinese immersion program, but there is also Spanish enrichment. I was so surprised when only after a few days, my 5yo daughter came home and started happily singing a Spanish song and using Spanish words around the house like it was normal. 


Ms. Teresa, the K-6 Program Director is the highlight of our whole PA experience. If you speak to her about the school, the students, and the teachers, you can see how much she cares about all of them. It gives me a lot of confidence to drop my daughter (and next year my son) off at school everyday.

~Don H. (Parent)

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