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Preschool Director’s Message

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Dear prospective and current families,

Welcome to PACM Preschool. We are a nurturing community of teachers, parents, and children. We thrive to create a safe, fun, and meaningful early childhood experience. Together we always celebrate a life-long love of learning and friendship.

Children at PACM Preschool are treated with the utmost respect, consistency, and encouragement. In our newly renovated campus, children experience playful and developmentally-appropriate learning each day as they grow and blossom. Our bright, welcoming spaces — including four brand-new classrooms, large indoor/outdoor play areas, learning gardens, and two beautiful playgrounds. We believe when “Giving the Opportunity to Be Me”, children are highly inspired to want to explore and learn.

Academics are embedded in play at PACM Preschool. Teachers intentionally plan lessons to meet individualized developmental goals, challenging students while ensuring that learning is fun, playful, and relevant to their lives. By the time PACM Preschool children move on to Kindergarten and beyond, they have the self-help and social skills that are essential for a positive elementary school experience. They have a love of learning and books, can make and keep friends, and understand how to work as a team in a group.

As we all know how young children are like sponges, they soak in knowledge so quickly that the sky's the limit. Here at PACM Preschool, our PBL approach for preschoolers is based on a smaller scale. Instead of big projects, we focus on more individualized themes to cater these young minds so they can focus easily while still being creative towards everything they learn.

PACM Preschool staff and parents partner closely to ensure the best preschool experience possible for each child. Communication between administration, teachers, and parents is a very important part of our community. Parents are encouraged to be a part of their children’s school lives through involvement in different events we hold throughout the year. 

We invite you to come see our school and meet our teachers at your convenience.  I look forward to meeting you in person!

All the best,


Weili Lin

Preschool Director

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