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Pre-K Program Application

3. Submit online with Other Documents
4. Pay Applicatin Fee

Please Pay Here

once you submit the application form

Submit Online Application
I am applying for ths Campus:
Upload Application Form
Personal Rights (LIC 613A)
Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment (LIC 627)
Identification and Emergency Information (LIC 700)
Child’s Physician’s Report (LIC 701)
Child’s Preadmission Health History (LIC 702)
Parents Rights (LIC 995)
Parent Consent for Administrating Medication (LIC 9221)
Admission Agreement
Food Allergy Action Plan
Student’s Immunization Record
Parent Permission Form
Photo/Media Release Form
Parents Handbook Signature Page
Upload File
Upload File
Proof of Age Upload

Thanks for applying to Pacific Academy!We'll get back to you soon.

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