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Preschool Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of program is your preschool?

A: Our preschool program is a trilingual program where 3 languages, Mandarin, English, and Spanish are equally taught on a regular school day. 

Q: What is project-based learning for preschool?

A: PBL focuses on children learning through investigating a topic or a theme. It is an involved process that lasts for as long as the children show interest. 


Q: How is PBL practiced in PACM preschool classrooms?

A: When facilitating PBL in a preschool classroom, the teacher will pick a topic or a theme to explore and implement children’s ideas into these lessons.

Q: What meals do you provide in PACM Preschool?

A: PACM Preschool provides healthy snacks to our preschoolers twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Families will prepare lunch for their own child/children. We also work with a vendor “The Lunch Mob” where parents can go online and order meals till 7am, and be delivered the same day. 

Q: What is your teacher-to-student ratio?


A: Under California licensing regulations, every 12 preschoolers require 1 teacher’s supervision at all times. For each of our preschool classrooms, we are able to cater up to 15 students with 2 lead teachers. 

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