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Choosing which school to attend is a decision that will shape you and your future in unimaginable ways. It is a choice that requires thorough research, thoughtful discussion and extensive deliberation. You want to choose a school whose goal is to graduate students capable of making positive contributions to society. In understanding this, we ask you to consider Pacific Academy and the fundamental elements that set us apart from other schools.

The classroom is not the only place our students are encouraged to explore and discover. The entire Pacific Academy curriculum is positively impacted by a focus on creativity, cross-disciplinary studies, new course offerings, and additional school events. Faculty and students collaborate on new initiatives, electives, and innovative ways of connecting across the curriculum.

Pacific Academy’s counseling is highly personalized and beneficial. Our 1:10 student to faculty ratio allows the counselors to truly understand and develop students to the fullest potential.


A central element of Pacific Academy’s mission is to help students learn about themselves and about how to relate effectively with others in the community. Faculty advisors are available to students for problem-solving, support, individual guidance, and college counseling.

Pacific Academy strives to provide excellent education for its students and attempts to accommodate particular and individual needs. Our extracurricular activities are designed to highlight and reflect citizenship, leadership, and stewardship. These activities are tailored to the needs of each individual student and include, but are not limited to, outdoor activities and the arts.

Pacific Academy now provides online courses and everything students need to excel! Our online classes exceed state and national standards and are a great way to accelerate your skills. Students can access lessons at their own convenience and learn with the support of teachers.

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